Tim Shelnut

Welcome to my site. Here you can enjoy viewing a collection of pictures I have taken over the years. In 2012, I gained an interest in photography (Thank you Dad!!) that has allowed me to learn more about getting out of auto. All of this with a camera my dad let me use and one I’m still using today. I’m looking forward to upgrading sometime soon. Most of the photos (Gallery: Events) on my site are random ones taken by my daughter’s camera or me from my phone. Some capture the moments of the events I take part in.
Another hobby of mine is running. I am currently training for my first marathon at the end of 2014. (Update: I completed my 1st Marathon at Kiawah Island 12/13/14 and finished with an awesome time of 3:28. This is only 18 min from qualifying for Boston.) Since 2011, when I first started running, I have competed in numerous 5K’s and half marathons. 99% of my races (till mid 2014) have included my daughter, with me pushing her in a jogger. She ran her first 5k Dec. 6th the Jingle Bell run. Placed 3rd in her division. Also later part of 2014 I have had a Coach to properly help me reach one of my goals to do the Boston Marathon hopefully in 2018 :) March of 2015 I ran 26.2 marathon @ 3:15:28 - Boston qualifying time in my age group is 3:10. Then in Jan. 2016 I ran the Charleston Marathon pushing it to 3:10:01, basically one second off. But the distance for this race was at 26.42. Getting there though :) Since 2015 I've been doing some 50k's and longer distances. Furthest so far is at 41 miles.
Happy Running and Photography. God bless!

Downtown @ Night 2013

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